Pure and Passion GOUDA “The true taste experience”

The name already indicates that we are dealing with a special cheese. A cheese made in the Netherlands according to an optimized age-old recipe. The adventure of this cheese starts with the Purity of the Dutch meadows full of juicy grass, clover, chamomile and wild flowers.

In combination with a moderate maritime climate, with relatively mild winters, mild summers and precipitation throughout the year, the Netherlands is the ultimate dairy production country in the world. Combine all this with Cheese farmer John’s Passion for cheese and you have the ideal mix for the tastiest naturally matured Dutch Gouda cheese in the world.

Taste and experience the full and creamy taste sensation of the real Dutch cheese!

Available in the ages: Young cheese (4 weeks), Young mature (8-10 weeks), Mature (16-18 weeks), Extra mature (7-8 months), Old cheese (10-12 months), Extra Old Cheese (18 months and more)


            Always assured of the standard 7 product guarantees !

  1. 1 – 100% pure, no additives added
  2. 2 – 100% Passion, Craftsmanship in cheese making
  3. 3 – 100% Halal (vegetarian rennet)
  4. 4 – 100% Dutch, Guaranteed product origin
  5. 5 – 100% Nature Matured, Matured in official cheese warehouses under strict supervision
  6. 6 – 100% Gouda, meets all requirements to use the Gouda brand
  7. 7 – 100% Official recognized import product

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